About Us

Zen Atelier was officially launched in 2018 with its first jewelry. In 2019, Zen Atelier collaborated with Printemps Haussmann for the animation “A Summer in Paris”, our pieces were very popular. In 2023, Zen Atelier will expand by offering raw stones and crystals carefully selected for their beauty and energy to decorate your interiors.

At Zen Atelier, we are convinced that stones have real virtues and bring magic. So we make lucky jewelry that you can wear next to the skin to feel the benefits of the stones. Unique and mysterious, our pieces will accompany you in the small moments of everyday life as well as for special occasions.

Behind the name Zen Atelier hide memories, an attitude, a vision of life and a particular taste for rare objects. Zen legendarily dates back to the experience of Shakyamuni Buddha, who achieved enlightenment in meditation. Today, “Zen” is a search for direct apprehension of the essence of all things.

“Zen” refers to the state of calm and serenity, an approach which considers that our well-being is based on a balance between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The name Zen Atelier represents our approach to product creation: a creative process that aims to bring inner peace and well-being to our customers, while respecting nature.