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Crystal confetti, witch mix surprise scoop

Crystal confetti, witch mix surprise scoop

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This listing is for 1 ball of my Crystal Confetti/Lucky Dip/Witch Confetti! Each ball weighs approximately 100g.

⭐What's in this mix:
- Amethyst Shards
- Cherry Blossom Agate Shards
- Quartz flakes with inclusion
- Aquamarine Chips
- Citrine Chips
- Clear Quartz Chips
- Purple Phantom Quartz Chips
- Rose Quartz Moon
- Cherry blossom agate star
- Mini Amethyst spheres
- Mini cherry blossom agate spheres
- Shells

Everyone has the opportunity to have jewelry, crystal shards, geodes, esoteric objects, stickers and cut or raw crystals and many other items!

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